For A Damn Fine Beard...


If a great looking beard is what you’re after, this is the kit for you.


The Beard Styling Tube makes achieving a great beard so easy and effortless - with all the products you need to get your beard soft to touch, looking great, styled and feeling fresh.


All housed in a stylish tube making it the perfect gift for a beard you know or an exceptionally good treat for yourself.


Kit Contains:

  • Spice Smuggler Beard Oil 25ml


Handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients.


Designed to be a lightweight non-greasy oil.


Crafted with 11 different carrier and essential oils, all picked because of their benefits for your hair and skin, ensuring your beard gets all the vitamins and minerals to foster a healthy environment.


A well-rounded and sophisticated scent of clove, black pepper, distilled lime, sweet orange and a special little hint of bergamot.


The formula locks in moisture, leaving your hair and skin soft, luscious and itch-free.


Your Spice Smuggler Beard Oil comes in a 25 ml tinted glass bottle with a no wasteage, gravity fed, drip control nozzle.


  • Beard Hero Rescue Balm 120ml


A powerful blend of 12 butters, essential oils and beeswax all selected to offer you the very best in beard protection and style.


Beard Hero Rescue Balm is a leave in softening beard conditioner that will leap into action and rescue the most bushiest, overgrown and wildest man beards.


A warm and subtle masculine scent with earthy base notes and a spicy, citrus twist.


Your Beard Hero Rescue Balm comes in a generous 120ml,

Tinted Glass jar with twist top cap.



  • Wooden Beard Comb


It’s an essential so often left behind.


Perfect for your beard as the wood prevents static electricity building up from combing.


Plastic combs will also dry out and shock your beard hairs leading to broken follicles.


The teeth are a little wider than your average comb, allowing it to glide through your beard with ease.


Your new Wooden Beard Comb is approx. 13.5cm 


  • Beard Cheat Card


This is your ticket to a great beard!


It’s not enough to have the best grooming products for your beard if you don’t know how to use them.


Our cheat card is a handy guide on how to use the products included to get your best beard yet.​​​​​​

The Beard Styling Tube Gift Pack